About Us

The IQC Certification Company was established in May 2002 and is one of the leading and active companies in providing quality services, including training and auditing of management systems, engineering techniques, and organizational excellence models.

We are the IQC Certification certification authority accredited by the UK ASCB organization, as well as the official representative of international certification authorities such as PROCEDO INTERNATIONAL accredited by the European Union SNAS organization (www.procedo.sk) and the IAF-MLA organization for the issuance of various ISO 9001- We are ISO 13485- ISO 14001- ISO 45001- ISO 22000- ISO 27001 etc

We believe that the credibility of any organization depends on the scientific and technical capabilities of its staff and, accordingly, we use experienced, successful and proficient professors, managers and experts in our training, research and operational programs.

The company aims to meet the growing needs of managers of organizations in improving knowledge management as well as developing and promoting a culture of quality and methods for achieving it in providing services with the aim of their institutionalization in order to help the economic, scientific and technical development of organizations of the country. It is established and uses the latest edition of the global standards in management systems to provide services at the optimal level.

We are also responsible for promoting the skills of managers and experts in organizations by organizing effective training seminars and training courses in the organization, as well as designing and delivering targeted educational and information packages, and leading them through expert professors and experts in this field. We are.

What always implies our success and dynamism is the application of a different attitude to the provision of services.

The company has been experienced and experienced in expert audits with experienced and qualified technical experts for auditing compliance with a wide range of standards and auditors with experience and experience.

One of the activities of this company is the following:

Lead Auditor Number: 10

Number of auditors: 30

And the number of technical experts: 110