ISO 29001

Quality Management System of Oil, Gas and Petrochemical

ISO 29001



America Petroleum Institute (API) and International Organization for Standardization together international standards for petroleum and petrochemical industries have developed in September 2003 as ISO 29001 for petroleum, petrochemical and natural gas was released. This standard includes the requirements for a quality management system for the above industries and organizations active in the manufacturing and related services is applicable.

ISO 29001 is the latest edition of this international standard based on the international standard ISO 9001 is based, in addition to the requirements of this standard will have a series of additional requirements for oil, gas and petrochemical effective will be.


ISO 29001 is applicable to the following organizations:

Manufacturers of equipment and materials used in the oil, gas and petrochemical (supply chain upstream and downstream)

Suppliers of services for oil, gas and petrochemical

Suppliers of equipment and materials for oil, gas and petrochemical