Health food safety system


HACCP system is cost-effective to achieve food safety. HACCP preventive approach not only improves food safety management but implemented in full compliance with ISO standards groups.

What is HACCP? (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points)

It is simply the following concepts:

Evaluation of risks: potential hazards associated with food, scale and risk control measures are identified. For example, biological microbes is considered a type of risk.
Identifying the critical control points in food production received critical raw materials to the processing and loading for consumption, are identified.
Conditions of preventive measures for each critical point: the set measures to prevent food contamination, for example, the criteria for the minimum cooking time and temperature to remove any harmful germs in food secure.
Critical Control Point system: a system for the prevention and control of the activities of the organization in order to ensure food safety, such as the decision on how and what personal, baking time and temperature control.
Determining corrective action: The criteria and procedures to respond when they do not meet the specified criteria and procedures. For example, this process or disposing of food if the minimum temperature is not considered.
The system includes a set of rules, WHO and FAO in the food industry and has the following advantages:
Keep finances in the long run through
Avoid getting sick customer management processes with a view to compliance with national standards of food hygiene and safety.

International standard (SFBB (safer food, better business

The standard new ways to cook, prepare and serve safe food in compliance with all international principles, prepare and cook food, sanitation and cooking, heating, cooling and cleaning are emphasized.
One of the main reasons for the tendency of the great centers of world-class standard of living SFBB ease of learning and the establishment of requirements by personnel and the lack of need for manpower and have no formal training as a trustee of the implementation of the documentation of the process.
catering, kitchens and food production and distribution centers for strong recommended.
Some of the benefits of implementing this standard in clinic

The following is worth noting, certificates provided by the company, with an international reputation of the United Kingdom and in other accreditation bodies around the world are valid.