CE mark

CE Mark

What is CE marking?

The CE stands for European Community and the means to demonstrate compliance with the requirements of the Directive related products are in Europe.

Europe and CE marking

The CE mark indicates that a product can legally in the countries of the Europe Economic Area, EEA. In fact, this trade show as a license for the importation of goods into the region known as the Europe. Each member state should have the CE mark products without asking any tests or certificates in connection with the requirements covered by new approach directives accept.

This means simply specifies that a product can be circulated in Europe Economic Area and to the national authorities to ensure that the essential requirements of the relevant directive has been met. All developed countries and many developing countries have tried to encourage companies to enter foreign markets.


The CE marking

Depending on the nature of the goods and the nature of the risks associated with consumer health and safety or the environment there, the CE marking may be different from one product to another. Because of the nature of goods or Dayrktyvhayy directive that is used for a variety of different routes to compliance with basic requirements are introduced so as a result there will be many ways to obtain the CE marking, but the general path that can be proposed to it as as follows:

First, the directive (s) fit

Second, harmonized European standards

The third step: review the risks and selecting appropriate assessment methods

The fourth step: applying standards or technical regulations

Fifth step: gathering of technical documentation Technical File))

Sixth stage: drafting and adoption of the declaration of conformity

Step Seven: Assessment of compliance by inspection agencies (Notify Body) for Class III, IIb, IIa

Step Eight: affixing the CE marking