ISO 10002

Quality Management – Customer Satisfaction

ISO 10002:2004

ISO 10002

This international standard provides guidance on the process of complaints handling related to products and services in an organization, including planning, design, operation, maintenance and improvement provided.

Complaints process described for use as a process of total quality management system is appropriate.

The international standard for use by all organizations of any size and in any area can be used.

It considered the following aspects of the complaints that:

  • Increase customer satisfaction by creating a customer base that the feedbacks (including complaints) and solving complaints received was good, and leads to an increase in the organization’s ability to improve its product and customer service.
  • Commitment from senior management through the supply and use of resources, including staff training.
  • Identify the needs and expectations of the plaintiffs.
  • Providing an effective and simple process for use by the plaintiffs.
  • Analyzing and evaluating complaints in order to improve product quality and customer service.
  • Audit process for clients.
  • Efficiency and effectiveness of the grievance review process.

It should be noted that this standard is intended to change any rights or obligations of the legal and regulatory authorities is not required.

The complaints process includes the following steps:

1٫ Relationship

2٫ The complaints

3٫ The complaint tracking

4٫ Receipt of complaints

5٫ The initial assessment complaints

6 reviews complaints

7٫ Responding to complaints

8٫ Notification of decision

9٫ dismiss the complaint